Endangered and Extinct AmphibiansEndangered and Extinct Amphibians
Lerner, 2014
Ages 5 to 8

Hewitt’s ghost frogs and arroyo toads are two examples of endangered amphibians.  Few of them exist in the wild.  Other amphibians, like Ainsworth’s salamander and the golden toad, have already gone extinct.  Why are these animals disappearing?  Does it matter if a subspecies of a toad or frog vanishes from the planet?  The answer is yes.  Amphibians act as barometers of environmental health, such as global warming and destroyed habitats.  Their extinction has dramatic consequences for species that share the same ecosystems—including humans.  Learn how you can help save amphibians.
Tools and Treasure of Ancient ChinaTools and Treasure of Ancient China
Lerner, 2014
Ages 8 to 11

Have you ever worn silk?  Eaten rice?  Used a calendar?  All these things came from ancient China.  More than two thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese invented tools and created treasures that still shape our lives.  Find out where the ancient Chinese lived, what their everyday lives were like, and what happened to them.  Discover how they changed the world.
Why Did English Settlers Come toVirginia?: And Other Questions About the Jamestown SettlementWhat Was the Continental Congress?:  And Other Questions About the Declaration of Independence
Lerner, 2011
Ages 9 to 12

In September 1774, American colonial leaders gathered in Philadelphia, angry about the taxes they were forced to pay Great Britain.  In 1776, after America had gone to war with Great Britain, the leaders wrote, voted on, and issue the Declaration of Independence.  Discover facts about the Declaration of Independence and learn about its place in history.
  Who Wrote the Constitution? And Other Questions about the Constitutional Convention of 1787Why Did English Settlers Come toVirginia?: And Other Questions About the Jamestown Settlement Lerner, 2011
Ages 9 to 12

In December 1606, three ships carrying 105 men and boys set sail from England.  The ships headed for the eastern shores of North America where they would establish a new colony known as Virginia.  Discover the facts about the Jamestown settlement and learn about its place in early U.S. history.

Scrapbooking Just For You!Scrapbooking Just for You!
How to Make Fun, Personal, Save-Them-Forever Keepsakes
Sterling, 2010
Ages 10 and up
ISBN: 978-1-40274-096-1
illustrations by the author

Birthday parties, graduations, vacations, family time, and fun days with friends:  girls want to remember every moment. They can, with this cool collection of irresistible and very doable scrapbooking ideas. ‘Tweens and teens can make beautiful, personal, keep-them-forever memory albums.

The book is divided into three main sections: the first provides basic general information; the second features fabulous page layouts to try, plus journaling tips; and the final section showcases gifts, journals, and other projects. There’s also a helpful glossary of terms.  With its playful, appealing, and easy-to-follow design, Scrapbooking Just for You! will become the creative girl’s go-to guide!

“Ransom’s well-organized introduction showcases her enthusiasm for scrapbooking and also includes material for more experienced crafters.  The “Getting Started” section provides a concise history of scrapbooks; identifies basic supplies and tools; and explains how to organize, mat, and crop photos.  The author then turns to layouts and ways of expanding the art form to tins, mini-albums, photo frames, clipboards, and more.  Of note is the last section, which discusses how to host a scrapbooking party and provides a sample invitation, banner, and project ideas.  High-quality color photos that are a good match with the directions make the pages pop, and the direction are clear.  Ransom reminds readers that these projects are starting points and encourages young enthusiasts to adapt the examples to their own personalities.

Big Rigs on the MoveBig Rigs on the Move
Lerner Publications, 2010
Ages 4 to 8
ISBN 978-0-76136-115-2

It hauls heavy cargo. It travels long distances. This big rig is on the move! Learn all about mighty machines this photo-essay filled with lively sidebars and fun facts.


Who Wrote the Consitution? And Other Questions about the Constitutional Convention of 1787Who Wrote the U.S. Constitution? And Other Questions about the Constitutional Convention of 1787
Carolrhoda Books, 1998
Ages 7 to 10
ISBN 978-1-15801-669-3

In May 1787, men from all over the U.S. arrived in Philadelphia on serious business. The young country was in trouble. Throughout the summer of 1787, state representatives and leaders argued, shouted, and wrote and rewrote a new document, the U.S. Constitution.  The Convention became a turning point in American history. Using the Six Questions format (who, what, where, when, why, and how), readers discover new facts about the nation’s problems and the men who created the solutions.

Big RigsBig Rigs
Lerner Publications, 2005
Ages 5 to 7
ISBN 978-0822515371

Camiones Grandes
ISBN 978-0822566478

Big trucks are ready to roll! A day in the life of tractor-trailer trucks. Illustrated with photographs. Back matter includes a glossary and fascinating facts.


Children of the Civil WarChildren of the Civil War
Carolrhoda Books, 1998
Ages 7 to 10
ISBN 978-1-5750-5241-0

This book explores the lives of children during the Civil War on both sides, including those who joined armies, others who stayed home, and countless others made homeless because of the conflict. Heavily illustrated with period photographs.

Clara BartonClara Barton
Lerner Publications, 2003
Ages 9 to 12
ISBN 978-0822546771

Clara Barton wanted to fight in the U.S. army during the Civil War, but she couldn’t because she was a woman. Instead, she braved bullets and cannonballs to help nurse hundreds of soldiers. After the war, she started the American Red Cross. Illustrated with historical photographs and illustrations. Sidebars, a timeline, and cartoons further illuminate Barton’s life.


Daniel BooneDaniel Boone
Lerner Publications, 2005
Ages 9 to 12
ISBN 978-0-8225-2941-5

Mountain man and adventurer, Daniel Boone became the stuff of legend. He led the first group of pioneers through the Cumberland Gap, opening the way west for thousands of settlers. A skilled hunter and tracker, he went on hunts that lasted for months. Illustrated with historical photographs and art. Sidebars, a timeline, and cartoons further illuminate Boone’s personality.

George WashingtonGeorge Washington
Lerner Publications, 2002
Ages 9 to 12
ISBN 978-0-8225-0374-3

To win American’s freedom, Washington led his army through cold, sickness, and hunger—all for no pay. He turned down a chance to become king and became our first president instead. Illustrated with historical photographs and art. Sidebars, a timeline, and cartoons further illuminate the life of America’s first president.


John HancockJohn Hancock
Lerner Publications, 2005
Ages 9 to 12
ISBN 978-0-8225-1547-0

John Hancock boldly signed his name on the Declaration of Independence to show the king of England he believed in freedom. Governor of Massachusetts eleven times, Hancock used his private fortune to help finance the Revolutionary War. Illustrated with historical photographs and art. Sidebars, a timeline, and cartoons further illuminate Hancock’s colorful personality.

Lewis and ClarkLewis and Clark
Lerner Publications, 2003
Ages 9 to 12
ISBN 978-0-8225-0394-1

The story of the Meriwether Lewis and William Clark who were sent by Thomas Jefferson to journey through the Louisiana Purchase in search of the Northwest Passage. It took Lewis and Clark two years and four months to travel over 7,000 miles across America. Illustrated with photographs and art. Sidebars, a timeline, and cartoons further illuminate this historic expedition.


Robert E. LeeRobert E. Lee
Lerner Publications, 2005
Ages 9 to 12
ISBN 978-0-8225-2437-3

The son of a hero of the American Revolution, Robert E. Lee had to make a difficult decision when his home state seceded from the Union at the beginning of the CivilWar. He turned down President Lincoln’s offer to lead the Union army against the south and became a commander in the Confederate army. He was nicknamed the Gray Fox for his clever battle plans. Illustrated with period photographs and art. Sidebars, a timeline, and cartoons further illuminate this complex man.

Maggie L. Walker: Pioneering Banker and Community LeaderMaggie L. Walker: Pioneering Banker and Community Leader
Twenty-First Century Books, 2009
Ages 9 to 13
ISBN 978-0-8225-6611-3

Born right after the Civil War, Maggie L. Walker dreamed big dreams and worked hard to achieve them. As the first female bank president in the United States, Maggie encouraged all African Americans to save their money and helped many start their own businesses. In all her endeavors, Maggie Walker aimed to expose injustices against African Americans and women.


Maria von Trapp: Beyond the Sound of MusicMaria von Trapp: Beyond the Sound of Music
Lerner Publications, 2002
Ages 9 to 12
ISBN 978-1-5750-5444-2

Known to millions of movie-goers as the heroine of The Sound of Music, Maria von Trapp was a real person who met every challenge with creativity, energy and lots of determination. Her life with the Von Trapp family and her adventures in the United States make an inspiring story that reached beyond the movie.

Martha WashingtonMartha Washington
Illustrated by Karen Ritz
Carolrhoda Books, 2003
Ages 7 to 10
ISBN 978-0-8764-107-6

Martha Dandridge Custis was twenty-seven years old when she married George Washington, never dreaming what her future would hold. Kind, gracious and strong, Martha worked by her husband’s side to keep their family, home, and country running smoothly. She set the standard for all future First Ladies with her quiet determination and courage.


Mother TeresaMother Teresa
Illustrated by
Elaine Verstraete
Carolrhoda, 2001
Ages 6 to 9
ISBN 978-1-5750-5441-4

This easy reader focuses on how Mother Teresa came to devote her life to God’s work, and how she eventually created the Missionaries of Charity in India. The story begins with her childhood in Albania then moves to Calcutta where she taught in an convent school, and finally, the slums of Calcutta where she helped the poor.

Listening to CricketsListening to Crickets
Illustrated by Shelly O. Haas
Carolrhoda Books, 1993
Ages 8 to 12
ISBN 978-0-8761-4727-6

Rachel Carson loved nature and writing as a child. She grew up to become one of the first female marine biologists. Her award-winning book Silent Spring brought about controls in the use of pesticides. Ransom brings out Rachel Carson’s relationships with the children she raised (not her own) and the love of nature she passed on to children everywhere.

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