Iva Honeysuckle Pub Launch!

Posted April 3rd, 2012 by Candice

One week from today, Iva Honeysuckle Discovers the World is officially out  and the world discovers Iva Honeysuckle!  To celebrate, Under the Honeysuckle is holding a special pub launch party and everyone is invited!

Iva:  Everybody?  Euple Free and Swannanoah Priddy and Mr. and Mrs. Priddy, even though they never talk to each other?  And Mama and Aunt Sissy Two and Lily Pearl and Howard?  Daddy and Uncle Buddy?  And Hunter and Arden?  And Miz Compton?

Me:  I said everybody, Iva. 

Iva:  Not Heaven.  I won’t come if Heaven is.

Me:  It’s your party.  You have to be there.  And you can’t leave out Heaven.  She’s your very own almost-the-exact-same age double-first cousin.  Her feelings would be hurt.

Iva:  Well, okay.  But only if she’s last on the list–Sweetlips and Yard Sale get their invitations before Heaven does.

Me:  Stay tuned for the humongous snit Heaven Honeycutt will pitch when she finds out she was invited after a hound dog and a cat.  

Iva:  And don’t forget the reporters at the Uncertain Star

Me:  There’s only one reporter, Iva.  You make sure Lily Pearl has her clothes on.  See y’all April 10, right here at Under the Honeysuckle Vine.

Iva:  Bring money!