Under the Honeysuckle Vine Moving Day!

Posted October 2nd, 2011 by Candice


Welcome!  Under the Honeysuckle Vine has moved to its new location on WordPress. 

Most of the boxes have been unpacked.  My Blogmaster has a few corrections to make and I still have to learn to navigate my third blog platform (like how to make my photos bigger).   I’m so happy to be here!

I hope you like my new design.  I have wanted to design my own banner for years, but couldn’t figure out how.  The photos are my usual “organic” pictures (my Blogmaster’s nice term for someone who never changes the camera setting or edits photographs), but they reflect what I’m doing and thinking at the moment.  My photos are snapshots in the truest sense. 

Here, at the new, improved Under the Honeysuckle Vine, I plan to explore more deeply the meaning of place in life and writing, talk about what I’m reading, and take you with me to the small corners of my home state. 

I also plan to have interviews, writing exercises (that I will do too), and give-aways.  This week I’ll preview my very first give-away!

Today I changed the wreath on my front door.  The mohair bears are just for show–they are far too sensitive to hang on a door and are sitting in their proper place in our den.  

Fall is here!  I have squawked and harangued and complained and whined to anyone within a fifty mile radius about the rainy, humid hot weather that squatted over us most of September.   Then October pads in and suddenly it’s cooler and the leaves are turning, just a branch here and there, and everything is still. 

Do you think I’m happy I can go on my walks without sweating buckets?  No!  Now I’m too cold and I miss the birds.  The winding down of the year is always sad.  But pumpkins and mums brighten our front porches and tickseed yellows the ditches.  In the evenings, I listen to the geese–ca-ronk! ca-ronk!–flying low on strong wings, leaving us.   

If you look close, you can see my frazzle-haired self!

Fall is here.   And yet . . . I still see honeysuckle lingering at the edge of the woods.  I hope you enjoy my new blog location.  Visit often!