National Winchester Day

Posted October 29th, 2010 by Candice

Today is, as everyone knows, National Cat Day.  My cats Winchester and Persnickety are featured on Jama Rattigan’s cat-fabulous blog post.  But Winchester has trouble sharing the limelight and feels he should have his own holiday.  So today is also National Winchester Day! 

Winchester has always loved dressing up for Halloween.  People wonder how I get him to pose.  One word:  food.  For the shot at the beginning of the post, I Scotch-taped a few cat treats to the wall at nose-level.  In the above picture, you can see the Scotch-tape pocket above his rump.  Winchester was suitably mortified because he had to wear a dog costume.  Cat costumes (yes, they make them!) are too small. 

Princess Winchester (he doesn’t have gender issues), ready to kiss the frog.  He didn’t mind the hat but the curly wig tickled his ears.

Winchester the chicken.  How much abuse can one cat take?  A lot.

Fairy Godmother Winchester, about to send Cinder-Candice to the ball.  Or somewhere.

The costume that best suits his true self.

Here he is thinking about asking for hazardous duty pay.  The wig and jester collar were bad enough, but leave his tail alone!

Valentine’s Day and in love with a Siamese in Seattle, Washington.

Read Across America Day, wearing a Build-a-Bear tee-shirt that is too small.

Easter and one very disgruntled oversize Peep.

Playing Scrooge (Ellsworth is Marley’s ghost) in a baby’s nightcap and another ill-fitting Build-a-Bear shirt.

Sandy Claws.

New Year’s Day, bundled up to play in the snow.

Ahhh.  Relaxing at last.  It’s exhausting being Winchester.