Posted September 29th, 2011 by Candice


The photographs on this blog are taken with a Canon Power Shot S90, sometimes my Nikon 3100.

I have been enchanted with photo-essays since my elementary school librarian shared a Life magazine story about the Lost Dutchman’s mine in Arizona with photographs of the stone treasure maps.  Mono-vision and general ineptitude kept me away from cameras until 2004 when I bought a Kodak Easy Share camera, with its own printer.  For the first time I could take photos of what I saw and print them instantly.

Next I bought a Sony Cybershot to add images of my dressed-up cat Winchester to my first blog.  Still, I longed to create a blog with gorgeous photographs.  This meant ponying up big bucks for a Canon Rebel DSLR—the champagne and caviar of cameras among my old scrapbook friends—and learning Photoshop.  Pretty ambitious plan for someone who couldn’t use the menu on her point-and-shoot camera and or open Photoshop Elements, even with a Dummies for Seniors manual.

During one manic week before Christmas, I bought a Nikon DSLR at Target.  The camera, with its lovely real lens, was too heavy.  I returned the Nikon and bought a Sony DSLR through Amazon.  I found a smart-looking case at Ritz Camera and signed up for photography classes.  The Sony lacked the capability of viewing through the LED window.  Back went the Sony and I purchased a lighter Nikon “bridge” camera.  I returned the Sony case and bought a smaller one to accommodate the Nikon and canceled the photography classes.

On Christmas morning, as my husband frantically checked our account balance to make sure we weren’t heading into foreclosure, I snapped a few snow scenes then gave him the Nikon.  Later I bought myself what I wanted all along—a new Cybershot.  When it came to cameras, I was strictly beer and pretzels.  But after years of using the Cybershot, I decided it was time to move into a compact camera with manual controls, the Canon Power Shot S90.  (Do I use them?  Hardly ever.)  This camera is years old but is a workhorse.

Editing my photos was another story.  Hours spent on Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa, and Elements ended in frustration.  Then it occurred to me if my blog is a reflection of what I see at a given moment, why should the accompanying pictures be edited to look better?

For years, my photos displayed this attitude.  Then in 2012, I took an online class to conquer my fear of photo editing, and learned (barely) Photoshop Elements 10.  Now I have Photoshop Elements 16 because new computers don’t support older software, but am totally lost.  Will I ever learn it?  Doubtful.  I do a tiny bit of editing so the photo isn’t SOOC (straight out of the camera) on easy, free sites.