Rebel Heads to Texas!

Posted October 27th, 2013 by Candice


Rebel McKenzie has been nominated for a Texas Bluebonnet Award.  Being on the master list for 2014-2015 is truly an honor.  So many kids will be reading my book, it boggles my mind!

What’s really funny is that Rebel’s name came from Texas.  I was speaking at the Texas Reading Association conference in 2008.  I was already thinking about a middle grade to follow Iva Honeysuckle.  At the luncheon, a reading teacher named Rebel Foster won the doorprize.  I sat up in my chair.  Rebel!  That was my character’s name!

Rebel’s last name is actually the first name of a twelve-year-old girl I knew at the time.  But her first name came from the state that invented feistiness.  And now Rebel is goin’ home to Texas!

Let’s give her (and Doublewide) a big yeeeeeee-haaaaaaaaaaw!