Iva at bbgb Bookstore!

Posted April 23rd, 2012 by Candice

Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous, very special day for Iva Honeysuckle’s launch book signing at bbgb bookstore in Richmond.  (bbgb stands for “bring back good books”–Iva and I are doing the best we can!).   

Iva, look at the balloons.  The exact blue and green on the cover of your book!

IvaDo you think the bookstore people will let me have that bunch?  I’d like to fly over Richmond!  Hey, what’s that other book doing in the window?

Inside we were met by Jenesse Evertson and Jill Stefanovich, who between them have more energy  than the Old Dominion Power Company.   I was immediately impressed by titles you don’t see in regular bookstores . . . and some I’d never seen.  I set out the plate of preacher cookies Iva and I had made and soon the children came. 

IvaAll of ’em my age! 

I read not one, but two chapters from the book, and those kids were the best listeners.  They asked excellent questions.  We got into a discussion about what time period Iva’s story is.  I told them that it’s modern-day, but I never mention cellphones or computers because I didn’t want to date my story.  It wasn’t that Iva’s family didn’t have those things–they just aren’t mentioned.  Iva’s into the old things her great-grandfather left behind, like the 1930s National Geographic magazines I showed the kids, and the tire pressure record book.

IvaYeah, old stuff is way more cool.  What’s a cellphone, anyway?

Then our day got even better.  As I was reading, two people slipped in the door and stood quietly against the wall.  I glanced over and saw blogger extraordinaire and fellow children’s author Jama Rattigan and her husband Len!   Jama and Len came all the way from Centreville (at least a two-hour drive!) to celebrate Iva’s launch. 

We haven’t laid eyes on each other in person since 2009, when we both attended the Kidlitosphere Blog Conference.    

IvaMiss Jama brought Cornelius, the cutest little bear.  I wanted to take him home for Sweetlips, but Cornelius has an important job and besides, he’s Miss Jama’s best friend.


Cornelius gave Iva a present–this red-trimmed bag filled with treats from Hawaii, where Jama is from.  I have to say, Hawaii’s macadamia nuts have it all over Virginia peanuts!

We couldn’t have had a better launch signing–excited kids, a store full of books and booksellers who became instant friends, the surprise of old friends, preacher cookies–

Iva:  And macadamia nuts, the perfect discoverer food!  Can I have those balloons now? 

Iva, settle down.  I think you might be getting spoiled from all this attention.  You may be going away sooner than you think.

IvaGood!  On my next adventure, I want to go to Hawaii and discover a volcano!

16 Responses to “Iva at bbgb Bookstore!”

  1. jama says:

    Cornelius is still talking about Iva and meeting you and Jill and Jenesse and those preacher cookies! Such a fun day at an adorable bookstore. Now Iva *has* to discover Hawaii in her next book — cause she kinda is a volcano herself. 🙂

  2. Candice says:

    You-all made my day! Thank Len for bringing you down–I’m sure he could have spent his Saturday afternoon doing anything except driving up and down I-95!

    Iva is looking through her old National Geographics right his minute for a story on Hawaii.

  3. Tracey Adams says:

    Miss Jama is right – Iva IS a volcano! CONGRATS, Candice & Iva!

  4. Melodye says:

    So much fun!! I’m thinking Iva should slip some macadamia nuts into the cargo pockets of her discovery shorts, round up the party-goers & head West…

  5. What a happy day! Yes, I think Iva should head toward volcanoes with a stop at Melodye’s. So cool Cornelius and family were there!

  6. Melissa G says:

    It sounds like you and Iva had a lovely day of it. Iva sounds like my daughter. If she sees balloons in a shop she always asks for them.

  7. Iva really knows how to throw a party! Mostly I am jealous of the children who were so fortunate to hear you read Iva’s adventures to aloud. What a wonderful surprise that your author friend showed up to surprise you with gifts and support. If Iva goes to Hawaii, I want to tag along.

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