Diner Series

Posted April 19th, 2012 by Candice

You never know what you’ll see in diners around here!  The minute we entered Frost Diner in Culpeper and I saw these re-enactors, I asked them if I could take pictures even before I ordered. 

I was impressed by the young girl.   You don’t find many girls doing this.  Re-enacting is time-consuming and expensive (to get the authentic look).  She was not wearing a hoop-skirt, which was correct.  Girls did not wear them until they were a certain age.  I was also impressed by how most of the men had cultivated a genuine look.  The man in the kepi cap and goatee could have stepped from an daguerrotype. 

Every December, the Battle of Fredericksburg is re-enacted.  Years ago, I came upon “Lee,” “Jackson,” “Longstreet,” and “Stuart,” on their horses, re-creating the famous ride through the bombed streets of Fredericksburg after the battle.  “Stuart” gallantly doffed his plumed hat to chat with me.  I was thrilled.

These living history actors spend long days in the heat (their uniforms are wool), talking and demonstrating, reminding us that the war may have been orchestrated by famous generals, but it was fought and endured by ordinary people.