Stealing Lilacs

Posted April 12th, 2012 by Candice

Apparently I’m only allowed to pitch one hissy fit a week.  I’d already used up my meltdown allotment by Monday.

So yesterday I went on a lilac mission.  We can’t get a lilac bush to grow in what General Braddock (French and Indian War, not Civil) called “Virginia jack clay.”  But there’s an empty house down the road with the biggest lilac bush in the back yard just sitting there.

I packed my clippers and a plastic bag and brought home an armful of lilacs.  My husband said I’m not only trespassing but stealing.  I told him the lilac bush is neglected and needed pruning.  The bush felt much better after I gave it a little trim.

It’s hard to stay in a rotten mood when you have lilacs in the kitchen.  You walk by and the scent just reaches out and taps you on the shoulder.  I want to wear lilac cologne every day.  It just might improve my disposition.