Spring Spruce-up, Part II: Summer-ize Your Bedroom

Posted May 4th, 2011 by Candice

Wait! you say.  Where’s Spring Spruce-up, Part I?  I cheated.  It’s here, back when I had a conniption fit with the slipcover and wound up creating a Moment in Time wall.

I often decorate around a single object.  Years ago, when my husband bought me a ceramic Fitz and Floyd soup tureen of hen sitting on a nest, I did our entire dining room around it.

Our bedroom has been sadly neglected lately.  I’ve been wanting to paint it in the worst way, and replace the carpet.  But new carpet isn’t in the budget and we can’t decide on a paint color, or rather my husband won’t let me paint the bedroom Savannah Clay, which is a fancy way of saying pink.  I’ve switched to a pale peach, which will satisfy us both, but painting our bedroom is a huge ordeal, mainly because we have another entire household under our bed.

But without painting and ripping up carpet, you can still freshen a room for almost nothing.  Begin with a single object, something you love.  In my case it’s a quilt a dear friend made for me.

Last summer we went to a quilt store and I spotted a simple patchwork quilt done up in reproduced 1930s fabrics.  I admired that quilt with heavy sighs, stroked and petted it, prostrated myself before it, and practically wrapped myself in it like Cleopatra in the rug before my quilting friend said she would make it for me.  I bought the kit, the backing and the binding and kissed the ground my friend walked on.

When the quilt arrived, I was amazied at how pretty it was!  My friend did a beautiful job.  The quilt would take the place of honor at the foot of our bed but the rest of the room needed to be brought up to snuff.  That quilt deserved better.

Last week I left the house at eight in the morning, after taking two Advils.  I had a mission and shingles would not slow me down.  I went to Target and looked at bedspreads.  Found one in that dusky turquoise you see everywhere.  Maybe.  But I moved on to Kohl’s and hit their half-off-everything-in-the-store sale.  I snagged a king-sized quilt in daffodil–normally $129 but on sale for $34!  I grabbed matching pillow shams, new pillowcases, and a small blue chenille scatter rug.  With the money I saved, I bought capris, a top, and necklace and earrings set.  Gotta love Kohl’s!

With my loot stowed in my trunk, I drove to Old Town Fredericksburg.  This mission wouldn’t be as easy.  For the last 20 years or so, we’ve had a Frank Benson (my favorite Impressionist) print hanging over our bed in lieu of a headboard.  While I love the rendering of Benson’s daughter, “Eleanor,” the print has faded and we have stopped “seeing” it.  To enhance the vintage feel of my new quilt, I was on the look-out for framed vintage flower prints.  I tramped in and out of several antique malls.  Looking up so much made me dizzy, but I scored several old prints.  I also wanted a McCoy-type vase for my husband’s dresser.  I found a Royal Copley daffodil vase that wasn’t too cheap but not outrageous.  My last stop on my way home was Michael’s where I fussed over just the right flowers to go in the vase and bought some new picture frames.

At home, I stripped the bed.  While the sheets were in the washer, I went shopping in my house.  I found my husband’s Sunday school promotion certificate that I popped into a frame.  I hung the vintage floral prints over the bed.  Then I made the bed with the new finery, adding rabbit pillows made from old quilts (languishing in the linen closet).

I reframed the photos on the sofa table in the nook and brought together my collection of vintage clocks.

Here’s the Royal Copley vase on my husband’s armoire.  I moved that old Jessie Wilcox Smith picture from the bathroom to continue the floral theme.

And here it is!

A sunny yellow bedroom with small vintage touches that give the feel of the 1930s.  We’ll paint the walls this fall, maybe.  I’ve been looking at carpets, still not sure what to replace that tired beige plush with.

Winchester has been threatened with no bedtime-snack-kibble if he so much as puts a paw on this quilt.  You can see how happy he is, forced to lie on the floor like a common alley cat.  Don’t worry.  He got back at me.  In fact, he was the reason I had to re-do our breakfast room.  Stayed tuned for Spring Spruce-up, Part III on Friday.

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