Thankful Thursday

Posted November 24th, 2011 by Candice


I don’t usually post on Thankful Thursday, but if there ever was a time to join the voices on LiveJournal and the blogging community, this year is it.

1.  For my husband, Frank.  Who has supported me ever since we met 34 years ago.  When it was my turn to support him in his recent heart surgery, I stepped up to the plate only because of what he has taught me.

2.  For my sister, Patricia.  For her sense of humor, her dedication to our family, and most of all, for her example of strength against adversity.  A cancer survivor in every sense of the word these last twelve years.

3.  For my neighbors who pitched in with fruit baskets and a promise to rake our mountains of leaves, a great big thank you.

4.  For my far-away friends–Connie, Linda, and Tracey C.–you continue to keep me centered. 

5.  For my work and the people connected to my work–my editor, my agent, my readers. 


6.  And for these pants!!  A size smaller than what I’ve been wearing (squeezing into, really), the last several years.  Fifteen pounds lost!  Yes!

Where I’ve Been

Posted November 20th, 2011 by Candice

Yes, I’ve been away from here a long time.  Lots of stuff got in the way of blogging:  creating workshops, traveling to give those workshops, getting sick because I picked up a bug . . . but those are trival things.

On November 2, my husband had an emergency quadruple bypass.  He’d been complaining of fatigue and shortness of breath.  The week before we went to our family physician who suspected stable angina.  Over the weekend, my husband’s predictable chest discomfort quickly became unstable.  On Halloween, I called my husband at work.  He said his discomfort continued and he had pain down his left arm.

I made him come home, or I was going after him.  We drove to the emergency room, where he was admitted.  We both believed he would be given an exercise stress test and then nitroglycerin to take as needed.   Nothing like that happened.  Instead he had a cardio cath test and when I saw the surgeon afterwards he said, “Your husband needs quadruple bypass surgery.  Now.”

A boulder fell on my head.  And that’s the way it’s been since my husband came home a little over two weeks ago.  He’s doing well.  If he had not come home from work that day, he would have had a heart attack there. 

Life as we knew it changed forever.  We have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.  We’ll spend the holiday alone, as we always do, this time skipping the sodium-laden dressing and fattening pumpkin pie. 

I had big plans to finish my novel by December 30.  Clean my house (good).  Visit the rural communities that fill my heart with gladness. 

Those things will get done, just not “on schedule.”  Maybe it’s time I came off the clock, too.