Tea for Two

Posted August 23rd, 2010 by Candice

A late birthday celebration is better than none at all.  My husband wasn’t able to come to Hollins this summer for the weekend of my birthday.  So, six weeks later, we went to Pinkadilly, our favorite place to celebrate our Valentine’s Day anniversary and Christmas. 

It was a typical hot summer Friday in Fredericksburg.  The town was filled with tourists, doing tourist-y things.

Pinkadilly was busy, but we had booked our favorite table.  Sometimes we come here just for lunch.  We’ll have Earl Grey creme tea and scones and quiche or a sandwich.  But when it’s time for a big blow-out, only Tea for Two will do.

The second we are seated, I swap teacups from other tables.  All the cups and saucers are different, but sometimes the ones at our reserved table are uninspired.   I make sure I have a vintage cup and saucer from England.  After all, it’s a tea shop!  This time I swapped the sugar bowl too.  My husband is amused by this practice (and maybe a little embarrassed).   Then we are served a pot of hot tea.

Next comes the quiche and soup of the day.  My husband usually opts for the salad they created just for him instead of the soup.  He also is unable to take a normal photograph.

Then comes the tea service.  The scones of the day (we get one of each) were cinnamon raisin and vanilla with individual pots of Devonshire cream and lemon curd.  Usually we fight over the Devonshire cream (never enough) but this time we were quite civilized.  The second tier holds savories:  cucumber cream cheese rounds, spinach-artichoke dip in a teeny tortilla chip, pineapple ham salad in pita, and their signature chicken salad with grapes. 

The top tier–oh! the desserts!  Homemade chocolate truffles (when my husband’s back was turned, I scarfed his), blackberry bruchetta (wonderfully tart and crunchy), strawberry cake with cream cheese icing, and Pinkadilly’s signature Pinkadilly pie (think pink lemonade in a pie crust) layered in a shot glass.

We have never seen another man in here, except for the tatooed waiter.  I suppose all that overwhelming pinkness threatens their manhood or something.  Pink walls, pink tablecloths, flowers and delicate china things wherever you look.  Plus all that itty-bitty food.

But they are missing out.  We’re stuffed when we leave this place. 

Full and happy, my husband even takes a normal picture.

4 Responses to “Tea for Two”

  1. jamarattigan says:

    LOL! You gotta admire Frank, going where no man has ever gone before, except men with tattoos, that is.

    That looks like a fabulous tea — a LOT to eat! The perfect place to wear that pink wedding dress you posted the other day. 🙂 The blackberry bruschetta sounds interesting . . .

    • Candice says:

      You should come down this fall, Jama. I’ll take you here! It’s so charming and the food is wonderful even though there are no cupcakes or macarons.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Candice – Happy Belated Birthday. What a sweet post, I loved it… and now I need to visit Pinkadilly! Maybe I will see if I can drag my man there!

    • Candice says:

      Re: Sweet

      Listen, when your man sees the food he’ll forget about the pinkness (and there is heavily tatooed waiter!) Besides the full tea they have great sandwiches and soups.

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