Why I Took My Tree Down Early

Posted December 27th, 2009 by Candice

1.  Christmas is over.  "It’s as far away as it ever was," my stepfather used to say. 

2.  The "Shoes" song keeps going around in my head.  You know the one.   Sappy lyrics that lodge in one’s brain.  If I take my tree down, the song will go away.

3.  We’ve had 20 inches of snow in December.  Winter is over for me (yes, I know I’m in for a rude awakening the next two months).

4.  I am on to the next thing.  The fresh start of New Year’s, sweep out the old year, etc.

5.  I like looking at my New Year’s postcards better than my tree–they’ve graced my dining room for 20 years.  Now those postcards are over 100 years old. 

6.  Yes, I know it’s bad luck to take your tree down before New Year’s Day and I never have before this year.  With our luck, one tree isn’t going to make any difference (but we will have black-eyed peas and collard greens!).

5 Responses to “Why I Took My Tree Down Early”

  1. Must be something in the air. I put my tree up late (2nd weekend in December) and hope to take it down almost as soon as I get home. I’m just ready to move onto the next year. This one wasn’t bad, just eager to have an un-Christmasified house again.

    • Candice says:

      I put the tree up late, too. Having Christmas decorations up after the holiday is like looking at a house after a big party is long over. You just want to clean it up!

      • I never used to be like that, but this year I put my Halloween decor away early too. Want my house back. Also, I used to keep lighted houses up all year round, but decided this year they’re going in storage with the other decor. Now to find room for them in the itty-bitty under-stair storage closet….

  2. giogas says:

    Why am I not surprised you have a pink tree w/pink decorations? LOL I LOVE that!

    I’ve never heard that taking the tree down b4 New Year’s was bad luck. Hmm.

    • Candice says:

      My husband hated that pink tree at first, but it does give a nice pretty glow. The superstition may be Southern–not sure. I come from a very superstitious family so I feel I’m walking on ice!

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