Posted December 24th, 2009 by Candice

Every year I say whatever doesn’t get done by Christmas Eve doesn’t matter and isn’t even noticed.  But, like Santa’s reindeer, I’m pretty much on course from December 1 on.  Not this year.  Not with that curveball of a snowstorm last weekend.  For most people, any last minute errands and shopping didn’t get done. 

At first it didn’t matter to me the roads and neighborhood streets were a mess and continued that way, day after day.  But by yesterday it did.  I simply had to get out.  You can only do so much via the Internet.  The prospect didn’t thrill me.  Not only did I have to haul a 16-pound cat to the vet, but our Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day potluck dishes to carry to my niece’s party loomed uncertainly.  It didn’t help that the paper blared stories about 6 and 10 and 40 mile back-ups to get into our two shopping centers (on the same road, across from each other).  That people sat through lights 8 and 9 times.  That ice-covered roads were washboard speed bumps.  That the police had to escort the plows through stalled mobs of traffic.  That it took shoppers 3 hours to get into the mall and 2 hours to get out.

So I braved two grocery stores yesterday after Winchester’s check-up (and an emergency run to the library).  They were so packed, I couldn’t remember my zip code, much less what I meant to buy.   But I still had errands to run and the best grocery store to get to–all in the war zone of our shopping district.

Today I got up at 5 a.m.  Performed morning chores and was out the door by 7:30 with a packed lunch, books to read, and plenty of water (I wasn’t about to sit 3 hours in traffic without a book and chocolate!) and a battle plan.  I carefully chose my routes and bam! bam! bam! hit every one of my destinations successfully!  (Of course, this meant driving 26 miles round trip to a post office that was in the opposite direction of the mongrel hordes pouring in). 

Then I rolled home, delivered neighbors’ presents, popped Winchester’s pill down his throat (he runs now because I’m either going to stuff a nasty pill down him or shove him in the carrier), put my first-ever ham in the oven, got my family’s presents ready to take to Mechanicsville tomorrow . . . except for fixing our Christmas Eve supper, it’s all done!

Here’s hoping you’re ready, too.  And if you aren’t, nobody will notice what didn’t get done.  Because Christmas comes anyway, whether we’re "ready" or not.

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  1. jamarattigan says:

    What lovely decorations. Love those reindeer in the first photo! Have a great holiday (I can smell that delicious ham from here)! 🙂

    • Candice says:

      Those reindeer are my favorite decorations. They travel with me on the front seat whenever we move. They pulled the turkey bone sleigh my mother made in the early 60s. The ham was good! Have a happy one, Jama!

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