Southern Girls in Pickup Trucks

Meet Iva-Rebel.  She’s the newest member of our family.  And she arrived in our driveway Sunday, brand spankin’ new, to take this former-girl-in-Honda around.  Come along on our first day!

Girls in trucks wear boots and lace and vintage pearls with their jeans.

Girls in trucks go to the dump (otherwise known as the Chancellor Convenience Station).

Girls in trucks go to the library to return books and get new ones.

Girls in trucks go to Curves and then take a Zumba class.

Girls in trucks have a truck bed to fill with antique furniture (this Girl was eyeing stuff at the dump!) and Goodwill goodies.  This Girl will never again walk away from a great old chair or a table because she couldn’t get it in her Honda.

Girls in trucks are pensive.  Should the new vanity plate be H-N-E-S-K-L?  Or I-V-A-R-B-L?

Girls in trucks marry men who sell their trucks as a trade-in and take the almost-twelve-year-old Honda.

Girls in trucks love their new red trucks!  Wanna come for a spin?

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  1. Hot hot hot!! You’re sizzlin’ in that new vehicle! Love the color :). Yes, I can see you’ll be filling that bed with all kinds of antique goodies. Four wheel drive?

    • No, it’s 2-wheel but we still have the Honda which is all-wheel drive. It’s pretty stripped down–after driving the same car for almost 12 years, all I wanted was a/c and a CD player!